hybrid group coaching

healthy & empowered

For women who are ready for consistency & confidence.
It's time to heal your relationship with food, movement, & your body.

do you HAVE A DESIRE TO...

live with heightened energy & vitality

have a sustainable game plan to reach & maintain your best health

reclaim your power & control from food, shame, cravings, & diets

create a consistent + healthy relationship with exercise and movement

understand gentle nutrition & HOW TO EFFECTIVELY FUEL your BODy

Become a mindful eater, and have an easy relationship with food - no more binge restrict cycle, no more confusion, guilt, or obsession

cultivate a deep appreciation for your body & lifestyle

Combinations that create change

Nutrition Education + Food Freedom

Exposure of Obstacles + Self-compassion

Physical + Mental transformation
Daily Accountability + Community

Ready to transform?

You will go from...

Unhappy in your skin → Deep self respect

All or nothing mindset → Empowered state of mind for lifelong health

Lacking self control → Confident in all your food choices

Feeling confused & guilty → Never feeling guilty again
, judgement free

Failing & starting over on your health goals → Continuous success, never falling off track

Healthy + Empowered is a 12-week small-group program to help you transform your mindset and habits to create a consistent & healthy relationship with food, movement, and your body. 
Apply or message Jill for pricing

Weekly small
group calls 
4 per month

LIFETIME access to a library FULL of workouts, nutrition, & mindset resources

Daily messaging, video, and/or voice memo support, success is the ONLY option!

Healthy habit building strategy & weekly adjustments

Here's what you'll get



The best investment is you!

"It was worth every penny. I didn’t want to spend the money for years because I figured I wouldn’t stick to it or I could just figure it out on my own, but once you have someone holding you accountable and walking you through how to reach your goals it really helped me to jump start my fitness journey."

- Ashley T.

what are clients saying?

The proof is in the pudding! I lost over 15lbs, by watching what I eat (and I still had dessert every day) and exercising twice a week. The tracking is not hard, and the food substitutions are small, I don't miss ketchup on my eggs or sour cream in my taco salad. I love hot sauce on eggs and greek yogurt on tacos! The biggest adjustment is reading nutrition labels, going to the grocery store definitely takes longer, but it's worth it! I'm an extremely lazy person, so if I can do it, so can you!!



- Cassie D



Hip hip hooray!

"Positive discussions, held accountable for meeting food & exercise goals, plenty of content regarding workout instructions & health tips... and met goals so it worked!"

- Cam T.

Meet your guide

I'm Jill! Your certified personal trainer,
nutritionist, and transformation coach.

I created this program because I get it. I tried to "do better" with my eating habits and stay motivated.  I felt overwhelmed with all the guilt, pressure, and conflicting information. I tried to restrict "bad foods", but always ended up binging. For years I did not understand why everyone else could succeed but I lacked the control and discipline.

My healthy and empowered program takes you through the exact steps I took, and many clients before you have taken, to become binge-free and create a consistent and peaceful relationship with food and exercise. Note - restriction and willpower are not part of this method!

For the past 5 years I have poured my heart and soul into training hundreds of women in the gym and online. I would be honored to take you on a journey to self confidence and mental and physical health. 

You are not the exception. You past does not define what is ahead. You CAN optimize & love your relationship with food, movement, & your body! Ready is not a feeling, it's a decision - choose you!